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'Vroom, vroom!'

‘Vroom, vroom!’

‘Yay! Daddy’s home. Mummy, mummy it’s daddy!” I ran to the kitchen quickly as I tell it to mummy. Mummy didn’t even look at me. She was busy with the fish.

I ran back to the living room with a piece of my drawing. I wanted to show it to daddy. I drew the picture of me, mummy and daddy holding hands with lots of love around us.

Daddy was still outside, beside his motorbike drinking ‘T-I-G-E-R’. Daddy always looked sick when he drinks that ‘T-I-G-E-R’ drink. He will look the same like me when I get fever. His eyes and his face will turn red. Mummy will always cry when daddy drink that drinks. Maybe she’s worried at daddy, the same way she worried at me when I’m sick.

I went near daddy to show him my drawing but daddy just went inside the house without even looking at me. I felt like crying but I stopped when I saw the empty ‘T-I-G-E-R’ can that daddy left in his motorbike’s basket. I took the can and try to drink it like how daddy did. Maybe it’s delicious like the strawberry’s juice that mummy bought once upon a time. ‘Yuck!’ It tastes and smells horrible. It’s bitter like mummy’s favourite bitter gourd vegetable. I don’t know why daddy likes it.

I felt bored. Nothing fun to play at home. I don’t even have any toys for daddy never buy it for me. I only have ‘Kiki’, my little teddy bear that I found from a fun place near my house. However, today I don’t feel like playing with Kiki. Furthermore, I just plucked one of Kiki’s eyes yesterday and now daddy and mummy is fighting, again.

I just ran out from house to the fun place. There were not many people but there were a lot of beautiful flowers all over the place. I ran around the flowers and plucked one bud and put it in between my ears like what mummy always did. Then I continued plucking the flowers and throw it in the fish pond. ‘Eat fish, eat fish’, I said.

Near the pond was a shady bench. I went and sat at the bench when I feel tired. While I was sitting, there was a stranger talking with me but I didn’t answer him because mummy said, ‘Don’t talk to strangers’. The stranger went away for a while but he came back again with an ice-cream and gave it to me. I just took it because it looks so delicious and furthermore I felt hungry too. I thanked him and gave him the flower that I put in between my ears as a payback of giving me the sweet and delicious ice-cream.

Froline Matthew 2011. All rights reserved.

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