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She's adorable...

Life is not easy..

Yet, I have lived many years without thinking hard about the future. Right! Being alive for 75 years is not an issue, but its a challenge for many young generations nowadays. Seeing the world growing up years by years is such a wonderful thing. I worked and retired as a happy watchman who watches over houses and expensive residential every night. The work was fun when I was a young and handsome bachelor, long time ago. As I was just thinking about my bachelor life, I realised I was somewhere in a new place. Never seen such a beautiful place or thing before, apart from my wife whom I will always adore her till the day she died two years ago. She has a very lovely and understanding characteristic human being in this world. Why am I being very emotional now? My life is smooth now and I am happy with it even though I felt lonely at times. I sat on the bench near the place I’ve just reached few minutes ago to take some rest after had a very long walk.

As I just sat on the bench, I can clearly see everyone’s activity, some are having sweet time together, couples of course. Many young kids were running around catching each other and having fun, laughing. Laughing is the best medicine to release tension, old people say. I’m old so assume it was from me itself. As all the kids were having fun in the sun that time, I saw a small young girl holding a teddy bear on her left and flower on her right, roughly around 5 years old walking approach me and sat on the bench next to me, kept quiet and looked very sad. She looks lost but her face did not express her feeling that she’s worried about it. This is the same girl I saw who was sitting alone on the see-saw just now, she’s alone here now. I thought she was with parents or siblings came here to play. Parents nowadays are hard to predict their attitude and responsibility!! Some are very caring but mostly are not being responsible of their marriage commitment.

“Hello dear, what is your name?” I asked. But there’s no response from the little girl. I assume she did not listen clearly.
“Where are you from?” I asked again. She just shook her head and the answer has not revealed.

I just sighed. Far at the end of a corner, I saw an ice-cream seller. I stood and quickly walk and got an cheap ice-cream for the little girl to cheer her up. I wanted to get good ones but due to lack of money in my pocket, I couldn’t do so. Before I stand to move, I saw a pity little dog roaming around the bench looking for partner to play with. ‘Pity him!’. I thought in my mind. So, I get one packet of biscuits for the dog. It looks so hungry, maybe lack of food or rooting for days. I then change my view looking at the little girl who was very silent since the moment she sat beside me. I ripped the paper and hand the ice-cream to the child. She was looking so adorably cute and sad. At that one moment she spoke, ‘Thank You’ and smiled. I was speechless seeing her smile. I felt untouched happiness strayed around me for seconds. It was so peaceful to see a young child smile like that, I’m lucky to be the reason behind her smile. She ate passionately and mess herself all over her face. Before going to the fountain nearby, she gave me a beautiful flower. I smiled and wave her goodbye.

Life is always sweet as chocolate but people must always remember; chocolates also comes in bitter taste. I walked back home which situated not far from the place I sat just now, roughly around half an hour old man’s walk. I hold tight the flower on my hand, reach home and placed it in front of my wife’s portrait. ‘She loves flowers!’ I remembered.