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Treat Me as What I Am..!

Being decoration in human’s little smelly ear makes me feel disgusted of my own self. Life in a bunch of colourful siblings and waving highly to sky was my scheme. Sudden disaster struck my wonderful life when this little monster plucked me out and separates me from my happily living lifestyle.

“Hey, monster where are you bringing me now, leave me where I belong!” I shout as loud I could but there is no use for that because this monster had walked a long way from my heaven. Walking along with me in the disgusting ears and a very terrible body odour makes my head spin over. I had no other way than following the monster where ever she goes and finally she sat on a bench resting her bump and while taking  me out from her ears and holds me tight in her a soft palm. 

After a few minutes one creepy old monster approached her and tries to have a conversation with her yet this freaking little monster did not respond to him any way so the old monster bought her ice cream where it melts her stone heart. How dare this little monster give me as gift of appreciation to the creepy old monster? My life had no guarantee and all the happiness I had just gone in a split second after this freaking monsters came into my life. Now I’m in the hand of the old monster walking very far away from the place that I originated. He is hurting me with his old and hard palm. Finally arrived to a place that similar to a haunted building where I had been rested in peace beside of a gorgeous looking lady’s picture. I will be admiring her for the rest of my life.

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