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I'm a dog and I'm locked...

I wished to be one of them when seeing them walking around happily or play until they exhausted. Yet, my fate is destinated to this cruel master and his family. When all my other friends having delightful life, I’m suffering here yet that is my fate.  World recognize me as the symbol of loyalty but why don’t you humans not paying it back to me? That worse day is still fresh in my mind. It was a hot sunny day when my master’s son returned from school. He stepped on my brownish tail and laugh loudly as much as he can. ‘You stupid little, Pinky’ he said. Pinky! That’s my name. It’s a name of love, caress, soft and calm. Instead I’m being their slave and being objectified.

The day was still early when my master back from work. He looked very stressful and tired. Sometime his work pressure will turn bad a hurricane. He sat with his remode control; his son comes out to play with his colorful ball. He threw the ball towards me as a tease. I start to lose my temper and barked few times. In anger, my master reached a big pipe stick and whacks me without mercy. ‘Ouch, I’m injured and bleeding heavily. But no one cares.’ The scars and pain will never fade. The evil memories are still lingering through my mind. I need some sleep to gather enough strength to face them again in the morning.

               ‘Chirp, chirp’ chirping sound of a bird wakes me up in the early morning. I peep out to look at the chirping bird. A beautiful bird with greenish yellow feathers is sitting on top of a pillar. While licking my feet, I saw the little bird flying from a place to another. I’m envied by the little bird’s freedom. Why not me? Freedom, the only wish that I could make! It’s the first time Im admiring a bird. I realized I’m falling in love with freedom although I don’t have sense of it. I can value the freedom in my fantasy. 

              ‘Oh god, it’s leaving the porch and flying away from my sight.’ My eyes follow the bird with full agony. There are many birds flying in the clouds but this small bird precedes all of them. It looks as a kind of race between them. My eyes shift towards a group of kids which are playing kite and running in excitement. The bird is flying around in the kites’ direction. ‘Ha ha ha ha!’ the kids laughed. They were amused with these birds’ behavior. I want my life to be as those birds.

           ‘Zuuppp’, suddenly a car passed by with full speed. That is a narrow escape! Is the driver blind? How could he drive at this speed in my master’s car porch? ‘Errmmm...Wait a minute.’ Where the hell am I now? I turn around to have a look at my surrounding. Oh, no! I’m in the middle of the road near a traffic light ahead. I just realize that the driver is not blind but me. Cars in front of me honking aloud and showing anger face at me.

           That’s the sign to warn me to be out of line. I ran quickly to the road side and searches around for any familiar place. As I walk ahead, I meet people with variety of modes. Some are laughing, some are quiet and others are on their own way.  I’m getting nearer to a place that looks like a heaven for real. The greenish view and awesome atmosphere invites me to step forward to the entrance. On a wooden bench, a little girl cheering in happy as an old man walks to buy her a vanilla ice cream. I approach her in a hope that they will return me back home although I never wanted so.

Jayanthi Murugasan 2011. All rights reserved.

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