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I can fly!

           “Yippee! I won the race again! I’m the fastest flying bird in the whole city!", deliberately screaming at the top of my voice for all other birds who were far behind me.  “Stop bragging about yourself! Tommorow, it will not be yours again!,” said a bird from far in despair. It is a norm that all birds in the city gather for a race on weekends. The winner becomes the king of the day and it has been always fun. I remember the last time I was served juicy earth worms, nectar and berries.

          For a moment I forgot myself as I was flying without directions in contentment. At that point, I noticed a brown dog with fairly long and saggy tail running in the direction in which I flew as if trying to compete with me.  Feeling amused with the dog’s behavior, I played along. When I stopped, he stopped and when I fly he came running after me. There were times where he knocked himself into the dustbin and onto the people who were walking on the road. It was fun. However, the fun did not last long as the dog’s attention got diverted by a speeding car at the junction of the road. We lost in contact. When he looked up again, he did not find me due the glare of sunlight. Looking frustrated, he walked sadly towards a fountain near a park which was not far from the junction.

           The fountain seemed like a pool of nectar, a potential quench for my thirst. Feeling tired and thirsty, I stopped at fountain. After drinking a few sip, I combed my untidy feathers with my beak through my reflection on the water as it is important for me to look good all the time.  On the other side of the park, I saw a woman talking to herself or maybe to a black color thing on her hand which she placed at her ear. She seem to be in a deep conversation. It is weird human talking to objects. To worsen the situation, I could not understand her words; it’s unfamiliar and meaningless to me. Moreover, human speak all kinds of weird language which does not make sense. They should learn from us and their voice is so unpleasant to my ears.
           Despite all that, I was curious to know whether she is talking to herself or to the black thing on her hand. I flew near her and started to play a prank on her. She flattered and wants me to get rid from her. As usuall, I was good at doing it. However, I was taken back when she was about to throw a stone on me. Without further ado, I quickly flew away in fear.  "Human can't bear to witness a bird's happiness. They always want it their way", I thought.

(c) Sharlini Manickam.2011.All Rights Reserved.